How to Get Rich Quick? … Learn to be a Better Affiliate

  1. Stop Googling ‘get rich quick’, you are wasting your time.

  2. Work hard for years, learning developing, growing in experience.

  3. Use those skills to get on the right path and get the rewards for those efforts.

Let’s break “How to get rich quick, with affiliate marketing?” down into a few sections: Rich, Quick, Affiliate and Marketing.affiliate marketing lead generation

Rich – getting rich means making a profit. Simple economics will teach you that to increase profit then you need products that have a genuine demand higher than the suppliers can provide to their market. Therefore selling things you can get on Amazon or any of those affiliate marketing plans with the big web stores aren’t going to make you rich.

Stop reading get rich quick articles; trust me I have wasted time on that already. Find products with high lead margins or ROI if you are using PPC. £20-30 per lead sounds interesting compared to trying to get 20p from someone buying a Book on Amazon!

Quick – time is all relative. Do you think entrepreneurs succeeded overnight? If you do then don’t contact me! Did you go to School, College and University? Did you have a part time job? You have spent your life learning about communicating, behaviors, likes and dislikes. It takes time to learn about the product and the market. The smaller your market the quicker you can learn and start getting quality leads.

Affiliate marketing is not quick; you can always learn and develop more if you put in more time. This will then lead to greater returns. UK Financial Leads is a specific and high value lead market, individual niche products that once mastered can be replicated to other services. 

Affiliate – “officially attach or connected (a subsidiary group or a person) to an organization”. Amazon have an affiliate scheme, but do you feel attached or connected? Affiliate marketing means that you work together with a company to ensure that you are delivering the customers that they need and that the customers are receiving the right products for them.

Partner with people or companies that can deliver something your customers want or need. No queries, no returns. Just genuine interest in the product you are sticking in front of their face. Our affiliates can learn about specific companies and customers to tailor their websites. 

Marketing – We need to break this down a bit further as Marketing I believe has grown into a huge beast in today’s world. A market is where buyers and sellers meet, if I need to sell my potatoes and someone needs potatoes then we go and meet at the market, we both know each other will be there. However, marketing is now not selling products to those that need it. It has developed into strategies and mind games to suggest to everyone that you need (not want) a product, sometimes in the most obscure places. I am not sure about you but I want a newspaper above the urinal not an advert for something… especially not food!

Don’t spam the world trying to find new customers or convince people they need something they don’t, let genuine inquiries come to you. Make sure you can be found quickly and easily. This is the only thing you are doing better than the actual company you are generating leads for.

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Who am I?
I studied to University level, topics related to Finance, Economies and website design. I started by making websites for family and friends and I tried what I now know to be less effective Affiliate Marketing programs (Commission Junction, Affiliate Future and Affiliate Window). I made a few quid maybe a couple of hundred pounds in a year, it paid for my hosting I suppose. More importantly I learned. My friend introduced me to lead generation as a form of affiliate marketing and I have not looked back. I now earn more money than my wife without lifting a finger! I have 3 houses in Surrey and I am aiming to be completely debt free by the age of 40. Sorry, but I need you to be jealous so you are motivated to do what I have done! I am honest, direct and straightforward … or some might say blunt!