How Lead Generation Works

We mentor and support a select group of high traffic webmasters through our sister site, These student webmasters create sites for the specific purpose of generating targeted leads for our merchant customers. They own and operate each under our network to deliver high quality leads to your business.

Due to the number of affiliate marketing student spanning our network it means we have a huge pool of resource to generate our leads. These leads are delivered in real time by our unique database technology in either txt, csv, http post or XML to our merchants. We aim to deliver quality traffic that converts to sales and/or enquiries that work for our customers in a genuine win-win environment.

Replacement Leads – Working together to increase your ROI

We recognise that some leads we send you may be unsuitable, in which case you are provided with a replacement lead free of charge.

For your peace of mind, we have a Cast Iron Replacement Policy as follows:-

You may reject leads under the following circumstances:-

Invalid Contact Details (wrong number)
Duplicate within your own system (we already de-duplicate within our system)
Lead does not meet specified criteria

Rejected leads must be notified by email within 3 working days to qualify for replacement. For certain lead types, we have existing customers who have agreed to cap the percentage of leads that they are permitted to return. For these products, new customers will be expected to work with us on the same terms.

Payment Options

We do not push businesses to sign up to a long contract, we recommend that a brand new customer takes a small sample of leads from which they can make an initial assessment of quality and suitability. Once you have established the ROI, you take larger samples as suit your needs.

Upfront payment is required for your first three orders, thereafter credit can be offered subject to status, with payment required on or before 15th of following month.