About Me

Hi, my name is Phil … and I’m a lead generation and affiliate marketing expert.

I used to work in a managerial position at a law firm and I was underpaid and over worked. Working above and beyond while making someone else more and more profit wasn’t really my idea of satisfaction.

I have always been financial motivated and below inflationary pay rises wasn’t the return for my efforts I think I deserved!

Achieve the ultimate dream: More Money, Less Work!

Initially my goal was to get a second income running in the background to make my life more comfortable for myself and my family. Now I have achieved that I want to pass on my knowledge and experience to the benefit of others (and myself, I am not going to lie!).

How did I achieve this?

It wasn’t buy buying eBooks or sending money to a pyramid scheme! At University I taught myself how to build simple websites, this then developed into making sites for family and friends. Eventually I had built a small part time second income, however it was very time consuming and my client base grew to a point that I had no time for myself. I started dabbling in two areas affiliate marketing and building my own small businesses. Affiliate marketing was a way of using my skills to generate my own income for the effort I wanted to put in. I had a few eBay businesses selling “Tat” I had bought from China. This had very small profit margins and I found I didn’t have the time to get to the Post Office, it just wasn’t scalable for a part time income.

No commute and No Boss telling you what to do!

I knew I had the skills to promote websites to the top of Google for particular keywords, if I could get my clients site their why not my own? I learned that selling tangible objects (stuff that needs posting was effort!) so I started looking for services I could sell, obviously not my own but other peoples. My financial lead generation journey began.

It wasn’t easy at first, I had to find a buyer for my leads. Hours of searching through forums and websites and the few people who do make money never tell you their secrets … and everybody else is either trying to sell you something or don’t make any money at all, then I got invited to join the biggest network of financial affiliates in the UK. They had a no nonsense approach to our community and everyone shared their knowledge as best they could.

Lots of our successful affiliates now work from home, maybe 1-2 hours a day, as and when they choose.

There are some hurdles, you have to be brave and bold. You need to teach yourself a lot. It takes time in the initial stages to get the right technique.

The Semi-Bragging (sorry), hopefully motivating!

I do not want to show off, but I want to tell you what I have achieved. I have a handful of websites earning a regular income, and I still have the spare time to do whatever I choose. I am 32, own 2 rental properties and a 4 Bedroom House in Surrey. I also enjoy relaxing in my hot tub, after a ridiculously short day at work (home office)!

I hope it serves as a little inspiration to some of you who may still be struggling like I used to, if you want to become self-employed and achieve what I have achieved … just drop me a quick e-mail and I’ll set you on the right path.